Goddess of the Dead

Wellington Undead: Book II

India, 1803

Arthur Wellesley, the British Army’s foremost vampire general, has begun to make a formidable name for himself on the field of battle, leading them to victory in the siege of Seringapatam and vanquishing its ruler, the Tipu Sultan, at the point of his blade.

Jamelia, shape-shifting daughter of the Sultan, burns to avenge her murdered father in the only way she can possibly imagine: by bringing about the demise of Wellesley and driving the hated British from India for all time.

Forging an alliance with Kali, the Hindu Dark Mother Goddess whose powers of death and destruction are soon to be unleashed in full upon an unsuspecting mortal world, Jamelia will lead an army of the walking dead to do battle with Wellesley and his redcoats on the blood-soaked field of Assaye.

Release date: November 24, 2015