The Beast of Mysore

Wellington Undead: Book I

India, 1799

From his fortified palace at Seringapatam, the warrior potentate Tipu Sultan rules the state of Mysore with an iron fist. Known by his subjects as the Tiger of Mysore, Tipu obsessively worships these great cats, taking their predatory ways as his own. Protected by his fanatically devoted Tiger Guard, the Sultan fears neither man nor beast.

The British covet Mysore for themselves, and have dispatched an army of thousands to wrest it from the Sultan’s clutches.

Although the vampire Colonel Arthur Wellesley has not yet become the Duke of Wellington, he has already begun to show flashes of the military genius which may one day propel him to the heights of glory. But first, Wellesley and his Redcoats must hunt the tiger across the desolate moonlit plains of India, tracking the beast back to his lair behind the fortified walls of Seringapatam.

The hunter will soon become the hunted, and when the vampire faces off against the tiger, the land of Mysore will run red with blood.

There can be only one victor.

Release date: July 26, 2015