EVP file recorded at The Cage

EVP file recorded at The Cage

As the cycle of radio, TV, and other media interviews for my forthcoming book “Spirits of The Cage” begins to ramp up, one of the aspects of that particular investigation that I like to mention is an EVP that we recorded in there.

For those not in the know, The Cage is an old cottage located in the little village of St Osyth, England. During the late 1500s, it was used to incarcerate those poor souls who were accused of practicing witchcraft. Conditions inside the brick prison could best be described as squalid and brutal, not to mention cramped. Some of those locked up in The Cage were hanged after what passed for a trial in those days, and there are those who say that something of their energy lingers inside the place to this day.

I spent five days living in and investigating The Cage early last year, along with fellow paranormal investigators Stephen Weidner, Caroline Skelly, and Lesley Bridge. Stephen and I flew in from the United States on a Saturday morning and went directly to St Osyth, where the owner of The Cage, Vanessa Mitchell, nervously gave us a tour. We were the only three people in the entire building at the time.

Stephen and I were running digital voice recorders throughout our stay. We had been inside the freezing-cold building for no more than ten minutes when Vanessa led us upstairs. It was dark and gloomy up there, and as we were approaching the upstairs landing, I asked Vanessa whether there was a light up there.

Before Vanessa had a chance to answer, the voice of an old woman seemed to do it for her. None of us heard it with our own ears, but on playing back the audio files from the digital recorders, Stephen and I found that we had both captured the same thing on each of our recorders. Have a listen…

You can hear the raspy voice of an old woman saying something that sounds a lot like “Yes, in the bathroom.” Then you hear Vanessa speaking, much more clearly. On this file, the voice has been looped several times at the end so that you can hear it over again.

So the question remains: whose voice is it? The overly-skeptical may claim that this is simply a random series of noises, which is on the face of it pretty ridiculous. Nobody else was in the house. None of the three of the flesh and blood occupants sounds like that, and none of us heard anything at the time.

To my mind, this is one of the more impressive pieces of evidence that I have gathered on an investigation.

If you’d like to learn more about our investigation of The Cage, “Spirits of The Cage” will be published in September (USA) and October (Europe) by Llewellyn Worldwide, and is now available for preorder from major retailers.


Posted on: June 17, 2017Richard Estep

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