Last Halloween

The Deadseer Chronicles: Book II

So many buildings have their dark secrets, but none are darker than those kept by the old abandoned community hospital in the small town of Tyrant’s Grove. Now a Halloween attraction, this haunted house specializes in thrilling and scaring the people of Colorado each October, when the nights grow long and the wind howls through the trees.

But it is behind the facade of the demonic doctors and medical monsters that the real nightmares are to be found, as restless ghosts and earthbound spirits return to the place where they died, bound to the will of an ancient evil which preys upon the living. It falls to teenage psychic Danny Chill – the Deadseer – to confront the blackest horror at the hospital’s very heart, fighting to either lay the tormented souls to rest…or to join them. Forever.

Release Date: March 27, 2016