In Search of the Paranormal by Richard Estep

In Search of the Paranormal

The Hammer House Murder, Ghosts of the Clink, and Other Disturbing Investigations

From exploring the Tower of London to investigating a haunted Colorado firehouse, paranormal researcher Richard Estep takes you behind the scenes for an up-close-and-personal encounter with a fascinating legion of hauntings. This collection reveals the most chilling, captivating, and weird cases that Richard has investigated over the past twenty years, in England and in the United States.

In Search of the Paranormal is filled with rich historical detail, present-day research, and compelling eyewitness accounts. You are there with the team at each haunted location: walking through a desecrated graveyard, shivering in a dark basement, getting thrown in The Clink, watching a “ghost-lit” stage in an old theater. Employing a variety of investigative methods—from high-tech gadgets to old-fashioned practices such as dowsing, table tipping, and Ouija boards—Richard Estep and his team uncover the dark mysteries of the paranormal realm.

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Haunted Longmont by Richard Estep

Haunted Longmont

Haunted History and Colorful Coloradans

Longmont is a city warm and friendly by day, but overrun with restless spirits by night. With namesake Long’s Peak looming over it, the town’s chilling history casts a specter over its present. The gruesome 1864 Sand Creek Massacre may be connected to the murder of a successful local entrepreneur whose property is said to be haunted.

Though retail empire JCPenney outgrew its hometown, its legacy lingers in the form of the Phantom Lady. An airliner exploded in the night skies and led to the execution of a desperate criminal. Join paranormal investigator Richard Estep on his fifteen-year journey to reveal and document the interwoven, ghoulish tales of this colorful Colorado city.

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The Beast of Mysore: Supernatural Historical Fiction by Richard Estep

The Beast of Mysore

From his fortified palace at Seringapatam, the warrior potentate Tipu Sultan rules the state of Mysore with an iron fist. Known by his subjects as the Tiger of Mysore, Tipu obsessively worships these great cats, taking their predatory ways as his own. Protected by his fanatically devoted Tiger Guard, the Sultan fears neither man nor beast.

The British covet Mysore for themselves, and have dispatched an army of thousands to wrest it from the Sultan’s clutches.

Although the vampire Colonel Arthur Wellesley has not yet become the Duke of Wellington, he has already begun to show flashes of the military genius which may one day propel him to the heights of glory. But first, Wellesley and his Redcoats must hunt the tiger across the desolate moonlit plains of India, tracking the beast back to his lair behind the fortified walls of Seringapatam.

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Goddess of the Dead: Supernatural Fiction by Richard Estep

Goddess of the Dead

Arthur Wellesley, the British Army’s foremost vampire general, has begun to make a formidable name for himself on the field of battle, leading them to victory in the siege of Seringapatam and vanquishing its ruler, the Tipu Sultan, at the point of his blade.

Jamelia, shape-shifting daughter of the Sultan, burns to avenge her murdered father in the only way she can possibly imagine: by bringing about the demise of Wellesley and driving the hated British from India for all time.

Forging an alliance with Kali, the Hindu Dark Mother Goddess whose powers of death and destruction are soon to be unleashed in full upon an unsuspecting mortal world, Jamelia will lead an army of the walking dead to do battle with Wellesley and his redcoats on the blood-soaked field of Assaye.

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The Company of Shadows

It is September of 1803. On the desolate plain of Assaye, a small force of British redcoats and their native allies has beaten an enemy force many times their number…but at a terrible cost. For their commander, the vampire general Arthur Wellesley, the outlook is grim. Although their back may be broken for now, he knows that the fleeing Maratha horde will soon reform and turn upon his beleaguered army once more, and this time at a time and place of their own choosing.

But the Marathas may well be the least of his worries. The bodies of the newly-dead are rising, turning to attack their former comrades-in-arms, fueled by an all-consuming lust for the flesh of the living. Empowered by the goddess Kali, an old enemy has returned from the grave to lead this army of the dead against Wellesley and his men.

Isolated deep in enemy territory, besieged on all sides by attacks from both the living and the dead, Wellesley knows that his supplies are running low and that his time is running out. He has only one option: attack.

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The World's Most Haunted Hospitals by Richard Estep

The World’s Most Haunted Hospitals

True-Life Paranormal Encounters in Asylums, Hospitals, and Institutions

Hospitals are the nexus point between life and death, the place into which people enter this world, but also exit it. In The World’s Most Haunted Hospitals, paramedic and paranormal investigator Richard Estep recounts some of the most fascinating – and often chilling – stories of hospital hauntings from across the globe.

Join Richard on this fascinating journey around the world, stopping off at a wide spectrum of haunted hospitals and asylums, old and new, and shiver at the personal encounters of doctors, nurses, patients, and others with the strange and inexplicable.

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Agonal Breath: Supernatural Fiction by Richard Estep

Agonal Breath

The Deadseer Chronicles Book I

High up in the lonely Rocky Mountains of Colorado stands the crumbling ruin of Long Brook Sanatorium. The last living patient may have left decades ago, but the restless ghosts of those who died there have remained behind, trapped between worlds in this remote and forgotten place.

Fourteen year-old Danny Chill is a Deadseer. Gifted – some would say cursed – with the ability to see into those planes of existence which lie just beyond our own and communicate with their inhabitants, Danny is reluctantly drawn to the long-abandoned sanatorium. As night falls and the spirits of the dead prowl the haunted rooms and corridors once more, Danny and his friends find themselves in a race against time to uncover the truth.

Who is the demented surgeon that once experimented upon thousands of helpless patients in the operating room? What binds their tormented souls to this place, never to find eternal peace? And just what nameless horrors lurk in the darkness of the basement? In his quest to find answers and lift the curse of Long Brook once and for all, the Deadseer will clash with a malevolent supernatural force that is prepared to fight to the death…and beyond.

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Last Halloween

Last Halloween

The Deadseer Chronicles Book II

So many buildings have their dark secrets, but none are darker than those kept by the old abandoned community hospital in the small town of Tyrant’s Grove. Now a Halloween attraction, this haunted house specializes in thrilling and scaring the people of Colorado each October, when the nights grow long and the wind howls through the trees.

But it is behind the facade of the demonic doctors and medical monsters that the real nightmares are to be found, as restless ghosts and earthbound spirits return to the place where they died, bound to the will of an ancient evil which preys upon the living. It falls to teenage psychic Danny Chill – the Deadseer – to confront the blackest horror at the hospital’s very heart, fighting to either lay the tormented souls to rest…or to join them. Forever.

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The Haunting of Asylum 49

The Haunting of Asylum 49

Chilling Tales of Aggressive Spirits, Phantom Doctors, and the Secret of Room 666

Everybody loves a good scare at Halloween, but visitors to most “haunted houses” know the most frightening things are just actors in monster makeup and spooky special effects. Deep down, we all know that the ghostly inhabitants are fake…

…except at Asylum 49.

This unassuming former medical facility outside Salt Lake City stands next to a graveyard and is home to a full-contact Halloween haunt with a difference: the ghosts are all too real, and they are very willing to interact with the living. Hundreds of staff members, customers, and ghost hunters have encountered them firsthand over the years.

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