In Search of the Paranormal

The Hammer House Murder, Ghosts of the Clink, and Other Disturbing Investigations

From the back cover:

“This book is written from the heart. Believe in the paranormal or not, Richard Estep’s words ring out with sincerity and integrity.”

— Patrick Burns, star of Haunting Evidence

Embark on a Trans-Atlantic Tour of the Paranormal

From exploring the Tower of London to investigating a haunted Colorado firehouse, paranormal researcher Richard Estep takes you behind the scenes for an up-close-and-personal encounter with a fascinating legion of hauntings. This collection reveals the most chilling, captivating, and weird cases that Richard has investigated over the past twenty years, in England and in the United States.

In Search of the Paranormal is filled with rich historical detail, present-day research, and compelling eyewitness accounts. You are there with the team at each haunted location: walking through a desecrated graveyard, shivering in a dark basement, getting thrown in The Clink, watching a “ghost-lit” stage in an old theater. Employing a variety of investigative methods—from high-tech gadgets to old-fashioned practices such as dowsing, table tipping, and Ouija boards—Richard Estep and his team uncover the dark mysteries of the paranormal realm.

“Within these pages, you can join Richard on his ghostly adventures, from the UK to the US and experience with him what it’s like to be a Paranormal Investigator.” — Paul Bradford, star of Ghost Hunters International

Richard says:

In Search of the Paranormal is the first volume of my autobiography, and contains some of the highlights of almost twenty years spent hunting for ghosts on both sides of the Atlantic. It contains real-life stories of paranormal investigations in huge, rambling old buildings, and the living rooms of ordinary suburban houses; we will visit the ancient Tower of London, and a haunted inn on a lonely and isolated Colorado highway. Along the way, we’ll learn a little history, have a few laughs, and most importantly, encounter the ghosts who still wander throughout those haunted places.

Chosen Charity: The Code Green Campaign

The Code Green Campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues amongst first responders – firefighters, EMTs & paramedics, police officers, and dispatchers – and to getting them the help that they need.

Depression and suicide are claiming far too many of our brothers and sisters in the emergency profession, and the Code Green Campaign aims to prevent these tragedies before they happen. I will donate 10% of my royalties from In Search of the Paranormal to this very worthy cause.

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Release Date: September 8, 2015